Violence in the Ancient and Medieval World

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International Conference 17-19 February, 2014

International Conference 'Violence in the Ancient and Medieval World'



With the goal of promoting and encouraging a critical reflection on the permanence of personages, values and perspectives from the ancient and medieval world(s) in western literature and culture, the Research Area “Classical Antiquity: Texts and Contexts” of the Center for Classical Studies, in collaboration with the Center of History, of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, is organising an international conference on «Violence in the Ancient and Medieval World».
The conference, to be held 17-19 February, 2014, aims at bringing together different fields of research to deal with the theme of violence and its multiple interpretations, representations and narratives in the ancient and medieval worlds.
Having in mind this interdisciplinary approach, the international conference “Violence in the Ancient and Medieval World” has the purpose of:
- approaching the criteria/standards of violence in the historical and literary contexts of Antiquity and the Middle Ages;
- examining representations and readings of violence in literature and material culture;
- pondering the ancient and medieval worlds as stages of violence in its various manifestations.






- Student fee: 10 Euros
- Other delegates (entitled to conference materials and certificate of attendance): 20 Euros


- All speakers are responsible for their own travel arrangements and accommodation (download information guide).
- Accepted speakers should pay the registration fee after notification of acceptance. Deadlines and methods of payment will be given later.


Organising committee

(University of Lisbon) 
Professor Cristina Pimentel,
Professor José Varandas,
Professor Nuno Simões Rodrigues,
Dr. Gabriel Silva,
Dr. Ivan Figueiras,
Dr.ª Luísa Resende,
Dr. Martim Horta,
Dr. Ricardo Duarte.


Scientific Committee

Professor Ana Maria Rodrigues (University of Lisbon)
Professor Arnaldo do Espírito Santo (University of Lisbon)
Professor Carmen Morenilla (University of Valencia)
Professor Cristina Pimentel (University of Lisbon)
Professor José Ramos (University of Lisbon)
Professor Nuno Simões Rodrigues (University of Lisbon)
Professor Paolo Fedeli (University of Bari)




International Conference «Violence in the Ancient and Medieval World»
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