Rhetoric Discourse and the Communicative-Dialogical Mind

7-9 June 2017
 RETORIC - Conferencia JUN2017 - CARTAZ A4 para a WEB

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Focusing on wide-raging domain of rhetoric communication, the conference addresses past and present issues ranging from Aristotelian Rhetoric to cognitive-oriented linguistic approaches. It is argued that our communicative minds operate beyond cool reason by mixing up semantic domains in multimodal frames both in mass and networked communication. Metaphor use in specialist and popularized discourse contexts must also be accounted for in view of the pervasiveness of imaginative processes in terminology coinage in different areas of expertise.
Researchers from different areas of knowledge and persuasions, from Antiquity to the Present, are invited to present paper proposals, focusing on one of the following themes:
  • Political Rhetorics and mass communication
  • Metaphor and Terminology
  • Metaphor and different approaches
  • Multimodal Communication
  • Digital Discourse and variation
The congress sponsored by The Center of Linguistics and the Center for Classical Studies of the University of Lisbon features plenary sessions with keynote speakers, and parallel sessions for paper presentations.

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