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Demonstration of the Computerized Historical Linguistic Database of the Latin Inscriptions of the Imperial Age (

conferência Béla Adamik

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The aim of the project "Computerized Historical Linguistic Database of the Latin Inscriptions of the Imperial Age" is to develop and digitally publish (at a comprehensive, computerized historical linguistic database that contains and manages the Vulgar Latin material of the Latin inscriptions found in the so-called Latin part of the Roman Empire (Illyricum, Gallia, Britannia, Germania, Hispania, Northern, Italy, Rome and Africa). This will allow for a more thorough study of the regional changes and differentiation of the Latin language of the Imperial Age in a wider sense and for a multilayer visualization of the discovered structures concerning linguistic geography. The project is going to be realized with the collaboration of the Latin Department of the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest and the Lendület ('Momentum') Research Group for Computational Latin Dialectology of the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, supported by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (= OTKA, no. K 108399, 2014-2017; no. K 81864, 2010-2013 and no. K 62032, 2006-2009) and by the 'Momentum' Program of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2015-2020) (cf.
The proposed paper serves as an introductory presentation of the Database considered here, which is first of all intended for a wider but professional public interested in a project that deals with the dialectology of the Latin language concerning Roman inscriptions, according to a special linguistic approach, with the help of modern information technology.