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1. Euphrosyne — Revista de Filologia Clássica, the peer journal of the Centre for Classical Studies, publishes papers on classical philology and its disciplines (including classical reception and tradition).
2. Papers can be sent to Este endereço de e-mail está protegido de spam bots, pelo que necessita do Javascript activado para o visualizar  or to the Centre for Classical Studies' post mail.
3. Papers submitted: must be entirely original; cannot be yield to other entity, or made available through repositories, even if institutional; must be sent in their definite version; have to be presented according to these guidelines. Papers will be submitted to double blind peer review.
4. Papers will be accepted until 31st of December in the year before of the publication; an acceptance notification will be sent to the author until 31st of July in the year of the publication.
5. Originals must always be submitted in double electronic format (Word/.doc(x) and PDF). Non-Latin characters must be typed in unicode font.
6. Papers must have:
a) title (short and clear);
b) author's name and surname;
c) author's academic or scientific institution;
d) author's email;
e) abstract (10 lines) in English;
f) three key-words in English.
7. Recommended size is 10 pages and never more than 20 A4 pages (font size 12, double spaced).
8. Notes: endnotes, with sequential numeration. When published, these will be converted to footnotes.
9. References:
a) Remissions to pages within the paper are not allowed.
b) Note references:
Books: J. DE ROMILLY, La crainte et l'angoisse dans le théâtre d'Eschyle, Paris, Les Belles Letres, 1959, pp. 120-130; 2nd reference: J. DE ROMILLY, op. cit., p. 78.
Journals: R. S. CALDWELL, "The Misogyny of Eteocles", Arethusa, 6, 1973, 193-231 (vol., year, pp.). 2nd reference: R. S. CALDWELL, loc. cit.
Multi-author volumes: G. CAVALLO, "La circolazione dei testi greci nell'Europa dell'Alto Medioevo", in J. Hamesse (ed.), Rencontres de cultures dans la Philosophie Médiévale — Traductions et traducteurs de l'Antiquité tardive au XIVe siècle, Paris, Les Belles Letres, 1971, pp. 47-64.
c) Abbreviations: to Latin authors will be followed ThLL conventions; Liddel-Scott-Jones will be used to Greek authors; Année Philologique to abbreviate journal titles; common abbreviations: p. / pp.; ed. / edd.; cf.; s.u.; supra; op. cit.; loc. cit.; uid.; a.C. / d.C. (roman).
d) Quotations: Must be marked by quotes "..." (but not in Greek); italic is used to highlight words or short sentences; quotations in Latin or Greek must be brief.
10. Images must have quality (preferably in TIF format, minimum resolution 200 p.p.), provided in electronic format, with the precise indication of where they must be placed in the text, and who is their author. The author is responsible for obtaining any copyrights needed.
11. The author will not be provided with more than one set for review, which has to be returned within a week period. Originals cannot be modified.
12. Authors will receive a physical copy of the volume and the electronic version of their paper.